Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!


Hi all, we just had to reach out to say “Happy New Year!!!”

An outstanding holiday because we can all use a reset once in awhile, right? Once a year sounds good here.

Time to forgive any grudges we’ve been holding on to for awhile (come on, now – we all do it).

We Live, We Laugh, We Learn, We Love.

Fat Fueled by Leanne Vogel

People also do a ton of other stuff that ain’t so nice & happy.

But, it’s time to let things go. Not any bad things we have done, no that is for other people to decide whether or not to forgive. We need to let go of the things we perceive have been done to us. Remember that just because someone has wronged you does not mean they realize it. So try to find it in your heart to move on this year. Find that forgiveness you’ve been denying. You may find something within yourself you did not know was there.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


Screw the New Year’s Resolution!

Yup. That’s right. Barely anyone ever sticks with them anyway. So Screw the New Year’s Resolution! Don’t even bother making one.

Take Jan 1st and rest if you have the option – If not, maybe you’re working or something, then so what? Take A DAY AND REST. Just this once. You put yourself through hell all year working your tails off to put food on the table & a roof over your head, some of you got kids, some of you are dealing with things we can’t even imagine. But you – you deserve one day this year just for you – So, if you can, make it the first day of the year, or as close to it as possible. Don’t worry about the laundry pile, or the dishes, or anything you don’t absolutely have to deal with right that minute. See a movie. Eat a good meal. Watch a sunset. Smell a flower. Just take some time away from the world, and relax for one single day.

Then get back to the grindstone tomorrow.

But, when you do – since we’re skipping the resolutions this year – just take every single day and try to improve yourself somehow. Spiritually, mentally, improving a skill or hobby you enjoy, being kind to others, stand up for what is right, etc.

So screw the resolutions.

Make every day your day to be better.

Expand your mind.

Love your body… and make your own rules

That’s right. It’s not just all about other people. That forgiveness, kindness, and trying to improve yourself – guess what? It extends inward too. The first place to start with all that positive energy is right in the mirror. Love your body. Make your own rules, and don’t be afraid to question things! Don’t take something as fact if it’s just an opinion – and that includes the opinions expressed on this website! Do your own research.

Healthful Pursuit Fat Fueled

What’s important is, regardless of your path to health, that you love your own body and make your own rules. No one should be in control of your body and mind except for you. Find what’s best for you – and go for it. We’re honored to be here as part of your journey of success towards your goals.

Thank You.

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